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German As A Foreign Language

How it works

Try Out Lesson

If you wish to have classes in German with me, we will set an appointment for a 90 minute try out lesson. This try out lesson costs 30 EUR and has to be paid immediately after this class in cash or - in case of online classes - via bank transfer. So we can see whether we like working together.

If you liked my classes and wish to continue we will set up a contract and the two teaching units of the try out lesson will be set against the teaching units (1 TU = 45 min.) of the contract. For example, if you bought 20 teaching units (= 10 appointments) only 18 TU will be left because 2 TU have been withdrawn for the try out lesson. The 30.00 € paid for the try out lesson will be set against the total of the contract, in case of 20 TU this means 940 € - 30 € = 910 €. The whole remaining sum is due immediately after the second lesson.

Flexible Classes

An appointment for a lesson can be cancelled by the student until 24 h before. Then you will not be charged for this lesson. If the appointment is cancelled later, you will be charged for the lessons that should have been given, although the lessons do not take place. All teaching units of a contract have to be taken within one year after signing of contract.