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German as a Foreign Language

Classes and Prices

Let's talk about my prices. You might be shocked when you'll read how much my German lessons cost. Before clicking away, please consider the following:

How much does it cost if you go to a good hairdresser in Munich for one hour? (He or she won't intensively take care of you during the whole hour!)
How much do you pay if you need a craftsman in Munich?
And these people have not studied for five years.

Prices German Classes

All prices without VAT as I'm exempted from VAT in accordance with §4, 21aa UStG (German purchase tax legislation).

One TU (teaching unit) = 45 minutes:

private tuition (one-to-one online-tutorial):

up to 10 TU: 53.00 € per TU

11 - 20 TU: 52.00 € per TU

21 - 40 TU: 51.00 € per TU

41 - 80 TU: 50.00 € per TU

from 81 TU: 49.00 € per TU

private tuition (two-to-one online-tutorial):

up to 10 TU: 29.00 € per TU and
11 - 20 TU: 28.50 € per TU and
21 - 40 TU: 28.00 € per TU and
41 - 80 TU: 27.50 € per TU and
from  81 TU: 27.00 € per TU and

Other prices upon request.

Group courses for firms and other organizations: Sorry, during Covid-19 pandemia online classes only.

How many lessons to pass the B1 test?

You are likely to need about 150 TU teaching units (TU) with me to pass a B1 test.

The Goethe-Institut estimates 350 TU in a group class for achieving the same.

The Warendorf Volkshochschule (adult education) consider it as an "excellent result" if after 660 TU (!) about half of their students pass B1. (Sorry, this link exists in German only.)
Even if their students were less used to learning than the Goethe classes, such a result cannot be explained only by this factor.
150 TU cost 6900 Euro with me. This is the price for a used small car in Germany. I think the use of a small car can be really compared to the use of a sound knowledge of German.

Different from a car, your knowledge of German cannot be stolen. You won't have any consequential costs like insurance or fuel. And it won't get worse but better by use! There is even more, lately they found out learning foreign languages even helps to prevent dementia!

And of course it's a great feeling to be able to communicate in German fluently.
Please consider that the price for a lesson has to pay for preparation, taxes, sick days, holidays, time spent on accounting, teacher's further education. What can a teacher offering dumping prices realistically offer you? Good education is simply worth its price.