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How it works

If you are living in Munich and want to have German lessons with me, we will make a contract about a certain number of lessons (cf. Prices). For this contract I get an advance payment (25.00 Euros) from you for the first lesson. This first lesson (usually 90 minutes, i.e. 2 TU) is a try-out-lesson. So we can see, whether we like working together. After this first lesson the contract still can be resolved from both parties without any problems. The advance payment will be kept as a payment for the first lesson.
If you like my classes and you want to come again, the whole remaining sum is due after the second lesson.

In case you are not from Munich and make a trip here for e. g. a summer course, I cannot offer you the possibility of a try-out-lesson. The risk that you don't turn up at all is simply to big for me. In this case we make a contract about a certain number of lessons and the entire amount must be in my bank account 10 days before lessons start.

An appointment for a lesson can be cancelled by the student until 24 h before. Then you will not be charged for this lesson. If the appointment is cancelled later, you will be charged for the lessons that should have been given, although the lessons do not take place. All teaching units of a contract have to be taken within six months after signing of contract.

For compact classes / summer courses it is hardly possible to cancel appointments. I try my best but I really can't guarantee later appointments that are possible for you.

In case I have to cancel a class - what happens next to never - the cancelled class is made up for later, on a date that suits both of us. A refund for classes that I cancelled is only possible for summer courses / compact classes.

Where do classes usually take place?

At Kglweg 109, 82024 Taufkirchen/Munich. S-Bahn stop Taufkirchen (MVV-Innenraum) on S3 Holzkirchen or S3 Deisenhofen, 12 minutes ride from Ostbahnhof. Alternative: Bus 222, stop Taufkirchen, Realschule. See also contact.

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